How can I get a free trial?

We occasionally offer a 2 week free trial, sometimes for new users and some other to other members. If you haven’t get any invite for a free trial and you are interested in it please feel free to contact us and send us your email. It is easier if you already have an account with us for us to (re)activate your trial.

How do I build lineups?

StatShark offers 2 products to create lineups:

  1. DFS for iOS & Web
  2. DFSX for Windows


DFS for iOS & Web is a light and easy version to use. Check more details on how to create lineups in 4 easy steps.


DFSX for Windows is meant for advanced users and offers more control in the lineup generation.  Check more details on how to create lineups for DFSX.

What clearing houses are supported?

At the moment StatShark is fully compatible with Fanduel and DraftKings.

What’s the difference between DFS and DFSX?


The DFS App is a light version that will help you create powerful lineups on the go.  With only a few clicks you can easily create 150 lineups and submit them all on your favorite clearing house.

The DFS App is available on iOS App and on Web.

Some of the features for the DFS App are:

  • Player Performance Charting
  • Side-by-Side Player Comparisons
  • Easy Player Selection
  • Select Players Stat Review
  • Proprietary Lineup Optimization
  • Easy Lineup Export to Upload


The DFSX App is an advanced version that will give you more control on your lineup generation and it is recommended for advanced users.

The DFSX App is available as a windows app for desktop.

Some of the features for the DFSX App are:

  • Expert Level Analytics
  • Custom Dynamic Charting & Lineup Optimizer
  • Manual & Auto Player Selection
  • Player & Lineup Filtering / Sorting
  • Best Projections Available
  • Automated Lineup Uploader